Bail at $4200 – please help!

The seven activists, Jeremy Bingham, Lindsey Schwartz, Jackson Kusiak, Anne Lukins, Ben Marks, Ben Shapiro, and Sean O’Toole were arraigned this morning.  They were charged with disorderly conduct, and their combined bail is $4200.  Help get these anti-fracking activists out of Mahoning County Jail!  If you can spare anything, please contact  If not, please help us spread the word so that we can get them all home as soon as possible!

Once again, contact if you can help free these anti-fracking protesters.


One thought on “Bail at $4200 – please help!

  1. Maybe this group can use the fact that the Vindicator’s so-called “radio partner” has 60-some outstanding parking tickets with the city of Y-town as an affirmative defense.

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