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Thank you all for your support. As noted in the last post, we are not the first group to shut down a fracking site nor to get arrested, though our charges for not being on tribal land may have more consequences unfortunately. [We’ll update the video to reflect this ASAP]

I was shocked when the bail of Sean O’toole, a 61 year old decorated Vietnam vet and retiree who lives 10 minutes from the site was $2,500, and Ohio students were set at $7,500 of which we had to pay 10% on the spot or go back to jail.  Clearly the prosecutor is seeking to abuse the legal system to chill our right to exercise speech as citizens by making the costs of speech a luxury only for the wealthy.  I feel privileged to have support on the outside and a lawyer to help me, but my bail of $3,000 is almost 60% of my income for the previous year.

All that said, I feel that we have a duty to preserve the future of our land and water and am glad that I played a part in stopping this out of control, repulsive industry.  We will hopefully soon see this as  fight for environmental rights to clean air and water.  And until the laws reflect these basic rights many will engage in peaceful civil disobedience until we win!



3 thoughts on “Action Video

    • So far Ohio has been able to successfully prevent plans to drill under the lake thanks to the Great Lakes Compact which Ohio is part of, and other members threatened to sue the state if it attempted to drill prompting the governor to veto the bill. However, at the same time a greater allowance for extraction (perhaps as much as 5 million gallons per day) of water from the lake and it’s tributaries is likely a gift to the industry which requires vast quantifies of fresh water they will take from our watershed.

      Radium levels have increased drastically from the wastewater of PA ( and on the Canadian border drilling under the lake may be underway soon. Additionally, there are plans in Canada to discharge fracking wastewater into the Niagara.

  1. I’ve had a felony charge with bail set at only 5,000 (x.1 = $500), and the cost waived before. Of course being from out of town doesn’t help but they should have waived the cost (there is a type of bond name for that I believe). Ridiculous.

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