Ohio Fracking Petition

Protect Our Air and Water! Support the Fracking Moratorium Bills (SB213 and HB345)!

Below is an outline of a sign-on letter petition to lobby Ohio representatives towards supporting the two fracking moratorium bills currently in the Ohio house and senate.  This is a really exciting way to start indicating to the Ohio legislature that people in this state are opposed to the development of natural gas.  SIGN THE PETITION HERE.


High Volume Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, is a process used by oil and gas companies of extracting natural gas by drilling into the earth and breaking up rock formations by injecting tens of thousands of gallons of hazardous and proprietary chemicals into the ground.

Gov. Kasich has said hydraulic fracking would be a ‘godsend’ for Ohio. He could not be farther from the truth. In reality, fracking will benefit out of state workers and corporations, create boom and bust local economies, jeopardize the public health of Ohioans, and disturb natural environments.

Don’t Frack Up Ohio! Support SB213/HB345 and suspend all fracking in Ohio until the proper studies are done and safety regulations are in place!

Contaminating water supplies with toxic chemicals, disturbing natural environments, and releasing hazardous air emissions into communities is not okay.

A boom and bust economy that will create profits for out of state workers and corporations is not worth risking our safe drinking water, health and public safety, or degradation of our natural environments.

Ohio lacks the strong and necessary regulations and to protect Ohioans and our natural environment. Once again, John Kasich is putting the profits of his rich CEO buddies ahead of the health and safety of everyday Ohioans. Please stand with Ohioans and our local communities not Kasich and his Gas company friends.


[Your name]


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