Deadline for Submissions to ODNR Approaching Fast! Send in a Letter!


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is calling for a response on
proposed Amendments to the laws being drafted about fracking. The
letters should be received by ODNR before Dec. 23, 11.

Download the letter as a word document.  It is crucial that the letter arrives before or by Dec. 23, 2011.  You can send it to as an email or as a printed letter.

Our friends at No Frack Ohio looked through the amendments and changes and crafted a draft letter regarding the planned changes to fracking regulations in Ohio. It has
a general part and a part with specific comments. You may use it as a
template for your letter to ODNR. Feel free to copy, cut, change, or
individualize it as you think is appropriate. Also, please feel free
to circulate this letter to your friends across Ohio.


Mineral Resources Management
2045 Morse Rd.
Building H-3
Columbus, OH 43229-6693


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