Have a Frack-Free Holiday!

To our Ohio family,

We wish you a healthy, frack-free holidays and new year!

As 2011 rolls to a close we’ve seen a lot in our fight to ban hydrofracking in Ohio.  Many of us have gone from ignorant of the press of land-men and drillers in our backyards to activists operating on the local, statewide, and even national level.  In working together we have become family.  We’ve had our amazing wins such as banning drilling under the lake, passing numerous local bans and resolutions to support a statewide halt on all drilling, and having our actions in rallies, protests, and public forums completely change the conversation about drilling despite the $$billions spent by the industry.  We’ve trained ourselves and hundreds of activists.  For this we can be pretty damn proud.

We’ve had our losses too.  We’ve seen more wells go in, countless acres leased, and the health of many in our family rapidly deteriorate from spill, blowout, and contamination.  For this we can add our outrage, solidarity, and unwavering determination to our efforts to work together.

But all in all, we’ve seen a movement blossom under our fingers: we’ve seen folks coming out of the woodwork by the systematic devastation of hydrofracking and found that power comes from when we work together.

To all our relations,
Happy Holidays!

For a copy of frack-free holiday cards click here.


One thought on “Have a Frack-Free Holiday!

  1. What a fantastic day of activism and solidarity! What an amazing movement!
    We are grateful to be part of this movement to protect OUR MOTHER and all her children (living and non-living)…
    susie and ray

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