CHAINSAWS AGAINST FRACKING: Lycoming County township official blocks road with downed trees to force drilling company to make repairs

By JOHN BEAUGE, The Patriot-News The Patriot-News

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — A supervisor in a small rural township in northern Lycoming County took matters into his own hands when a Marcellus shale drilling company kept using a road it had been told to keep big trucks off of.


Daniel Roupp cut down a half dozen trees yesterday, blocking the gravel road. “I’m thinking we got their attention,” he said today.

read the whole story HERE.

Now that’s a happy new years!  Here’s a town that’s so frustrated with the fracking industry that A PUBLIC OFFICIAL personally felled trees to block the roads fracking vehicles were illegally damaging with their traffic.

MEANWHILE in Ohio the list of actions keeps getting longer by the day (by the hour this morning)!   I’m thinking we’re going to have to add a whole new page of just local direct actions.  Including…

In Memory of Mansfield, Casualty of Fracking put on by Occupy Mansfield tomorrow from 2-4pm.  Be there!

Why are there so many people taking direct action?  It’s a problem of Democracy.

-by Ben Shapiro

When folks don’t have the right to decide how their lives are profoundly affected where they live, we don’t have a hydrofracking problem: we have a democracy problem!  And if we can’t have democracy where we live, point anywhere on the map where we do have democracy and I’ll be astounded.  For this reason the fight against environmental harms like fracking is a human and civil rights struggle that connects to those civil rights struggles of the past.  Using this argument, cities have created citizens’ bills of rights to environmental health in many cities, most notably Pittsburgh which used this legislation to ban fracking AND end corporate personhood.

When we say that we need human rights rather than better zoning regulations, it also says that we are correct in non-cooperation with unjust laws, and thus has highlighted the actions we took on November 30th to do what we felt ethically compelled to do regardless of the consequences of unjust laws.

[Learn how to ban fracking in your town]

Alongside Pennsylvania actions, these actions spread the message that the oil and gas industry are legitimate targets of civil disobedience and that our tactics are part of an evolution and growth of the movement against fracking to take back out democratic rights s citizens to clean water and air.

So:  direct action is come to the oil and gas industry and won’t stop until they do.  To show how serious we are we can sign the Occupy Wellstreet ANTI-FRACKING PLEDGE OF RESISTANCE.




5 thoughts on “CHAINSAWS AGAINST FRACKING: Lycoming County township official blocks road with downed trees to force drilling company to make repairs

  1. Please educate yourself on the proper form of government intended for this country! This is NOT a “democracy”, and we do NOT have, ” democratic rights”! This country is properly termed as a ” Representative Republic, or Constitutional Republic”, and our rights are ” Natural Born Rights”! Democracy is an EVIL form of government and does NOT protect minorities ” Natural Rights”…. HUGE difference and VERY important. It’s really sad to see what ‘gubermint ejucashon’ has done to this once great country. I’m all about preserving the environment, but I’m also about maintaining my ” Natural Rights” and Liberty, Democracy is the equivalent of – 3 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner! MOB RULE… Please get it right.

  2. Solidarity from the Woodford folk festival in Australia – one of the artists, Zavier Rudd wowed everyone @ his gig here last night with his song shining a light on the destructive consequences of fossil fuel extraction downunder – It goes 2 the tune of “Buffalo Soldiers”. I’m sure it won’t b very long till this song has a cyberspace presence, if it hasn’t already.
    Evil flourishes when good people do nothing – Albert Einstein

  3. Nice Tony, except woodfood was sponsored by santos this year one of australias biggest players in csg .. evil flourishes when you give social license to companies like Santos.

  4. Wonderful! I wish we in Dumb ASS Damascus (Corrupt Wayne county) had someone with the Balls of which NO Supervisor Has! here would do what the real official here has done!

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