Kasich and Fracking Industry Shaking from Earthquake Outrage: NBC, CNN, Maddow, NPR, EcoWatch, NYT, Huffington…

Clearly the nation wants to hear about us winning when we fight back against fracking.  After local pressure forced an early closure of the Youngstown D&L Injection well, Johnny “fracking is a Godsend” Kasich realized that his no regulations are good regulations approach wasn’t going to play too well and wisely ordered the closing of 4 more wells.

Now the nationals top media is in on the story and they’re getting our message:

NBC TodayOhio suspends well operations after series of quakes – According to their story, “Ohio’s decision comes amid an intensifying debate about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing.”

CNNOfficial: 4 Ohio fluid-injection wells cannot open in wake of quake – Our demand that the sites be closed until it’s proven that the quakes are unrelated (ha) to the drilling were cited as the official reason for their closure.  “They’ll be inoperational until a determination is made in an investigation of a possible link between the earthquakes and the fluid-injection wells.”  Somebody must have changed their minds.  Nothing like a few marches, arrests, and ongoing protests to get the message across.

Rachel MaddowOccupy Fracking, earthquake edition You have got to love Rachel Maddow for getting our “Occupy Wellstreet” message spot on!

NPROil-Drilling Wastewater Seen Causing Earthquake– while catching the industries meowing about how the industry should be punished for industry activity, NPR got the gist of it saying how, “Critics fear the process itself, or the drilling liquid, which can contain carcinogens, could contaminate water supplies, either below ground, by spills, or in disposed wastewater.”  This artical was also snapped up by the Huffington Post.

ooh, and here’s NPR again  Ohio Injection Wells Shuttered After Earthquakes “Environmentalists and property owners who live near gas drilling wells have questioned the safety of fracking to the environment and public health.”

EcoWatch BREAKING: Ohio Governor Halts Four More Fracking Wastewater Injection Wells After Yesterday’s Quake– Ecowatch: enough said.

New York Times- Ohio: Sites of Two Earthquakes Nearly Identical

So there you have it.  Keep doing actions!

And when you do, email us at ohiofrackion@gmail.com with your story and media so we can keep getting these stories out there.


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