What are they Selling? It’s not gas, but maybe a gas bubble.

Hi activists.  We’re trying something new here.  Reader’s of this blog are already familiar with the deeply disturbing ecological impacts of fracking, the heartbreaking stories of people’s lives deeply affected by contaminated air and water, and especially we try to highlight how people fight AND WIN against these companies so we are emboldened to protect our communities and ban fracking.

Well today we’re going to talk about something equally important: the economic context of shale drillers.  David Huck looks at how the high-pressure sales tactics, ballooning debt, financial wizardry and real estate speculation may be exaggerating the economic sustainability of shale gas production. With natural gas prices seemingly permanently depressed and the costs of wastewater disposal, legal battles and drilling rising we wonder “what are they really selling?” It’s not gas.

“Recent experiences in the fragility of our financial system and the ease with which irrational exuberance gives way to bubble mania should encourage us to take any ‘this time is different’ story with a grain of salt.”  Read the full story…

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