Organizing in Youngstown: Ban the Whole Fracking Enchillada! [Day 2]

Today I’m speechless.  Last night a collection of activists have formed Frack Free Mahoning to empower citizens to take back local control and establish citizens rights to clean air and water and Ban Fracking!

Then in the morning I went to a hearing by the Senate Agriculture Committee where we held signs and booed and cheered to make our voices heard.   It was gratifying to see that even the media picked up on the dog and pony show of having only industry “experts” and representatives give advice to their legislative tools on camera.

But the real meeting was tonight in North Lima, cite of an injection well nearly nobody knew about and where residents were fed up with industry and ODNR talking at them and not allowed to speak or ask questions.  Julia Fuhrman Davis gave a fracking facts 101 to over 200 people.  Not knowing what response she’d get, Julia announced that the only safe thing to do to fight the corporation, corruption, and cancer coming to N Lima was by BANNING FRACKING.  The crowed erupted in applause!!!!

Do you want clean water?  YES!
Do you want clean air?  YES!

She also left me with my quote of the day:

“We need to write a community rights resolution protecting our healthy water, and local property values…. I want to ban the whole fracking enchillada”

After her, Patti Gorcheff said, “This is our America, not the gas industry’s America.  Have we been beaten down so much that we can’t stand on our own two feet?  Stand up.  STAND UP and say ‘NOT IN MY BACKYARD'”

So from the two meetings today I saw one where only industry spoke and the public remained silent.  And that’s exactly what the industry wants because otherwise citizens realize that they can do exactly what the industry never counted on just like they did in the second meeting in North Lima: organizing and fighting back, refusing to be set against their neighbors and be picked off one by one, and demanding real answers.  The power wasn’t at the Senate Subcommittee hearing with elected officials and millionaire industry reps, it was in the High School Gymnasium.  And if I was one of those industry reps right now, I’d be terrified.


2 thoughts on “Organizing in Youngstown: Ban the Whole Fracking Enchillada! [Day 2]

  1. Thanks for sharing this news. I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Fuhrman when she attended the rally in Mansfield recently. At any rate, this is all very encouraging news. Thanks!!

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