Warren: Why are you dumping toxic waste into our water supply?

by Ben Shapiro

Quick post today.  I’m in Youngstown and attended their town hall meeting on fracking.  With over 150 in attendance local residents briefly heard from local activists, geologists, politicians, and their neighbors who are suffering the direct health effects of fracking.  It was such a different feel from the normal ODNR dog and pony show where the audience’s job is to be talked out and refused any opportunity to ask questions.

From all sides of the room people wanted to know about how the drillers actually operate, and ho they can protect themselves.  Time and time again residents called for a Ban, and alongside panelists pledged that they would begin efforts to pass an ordinance for Youngstown declaring a citizen’s right to clean air and water, and to ban all fracking.

With over 5 local elected officials in the room, expect to see some local legislative action.

*Next it’s Warren, OH

A small group is headed to Warren, Oh to interview local officials about why they think it’s a good idea to put minimally ‘treated’ toxic fracking wastewater DIRECTLY into our water supply.  The state EPA revoked their permits but it seems the money is just too good for Warren and the Patriot Water plant.  They’re planning to sue the OEPA and ODNR to continue.  Read our recent post to learn more.

Suing the government to poison it’s people.  Got to love it.

Please submit comments if you have questions you’d like us to ask them on camera!  And feel free to call (330) 841-2591 to speak to the Warren Water Polution Control.  Tell them to follow EPA and ODNR’s recommendations to close immediately Patriot Water.


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