Governor Kasich ‘Mic-Checked’ at State of State by outraged anti-fracking protestors

By OhioFracktion

Steubenville, OH  Outside the State of the State address hundreds of Ohioans rallied against Governor Kasich’s false energy solution of hydraulic fracturing, which he has called a ‘godsend’ for the economy and paved the way for.  The rally highlighted the devastating ecological environmental and public health concerns that are already being felt across the state.  Attending were community activists, environmental and labor organizations, and elected officials championing a halt on all fracking.

Read more about the rally on EcoWatch!

Activists not satisfied at being sequestered behind police barricades made their way into the State of the State address with the intention of letting the Governor, the General Assembly, and the public know that the governor does not speak for the people of Ohio.  During the Kasich’s address on energy 10 activists interrupted the speech and displayed a ‘we can’t drink money’ sign while being led away by police and security.

Mic-check text:

“John Kasich is selling out Ohio to the Frackers and Wall Street.  We will not be silenced.  We will not be bought.  We are the people.  People power not corporate profits.”


14 thoughts on “Governor Kasich ‘Mic-Checked’ at State of State by outraged anti-fracking protestors

  1. I would like to thank those brave people. Wish I knew who they are. This is the kind of courage we need! And we must not let up on Kasich, his corporate sponsors, and the frackers who want to trade Ohio’s water for corporate profits.

    • Thanks for reposting. I think that this is another issue besides just about an environmental issue: it’s another example of a corporate takeover of public assets while putting the risk on the back of working people and the general public. This is they type of corporate giveaways that have bankrupted our country and burst our economic bubble. The scary this is that if we burst the ecological bubble than we end up with countless generations who cannot drink the water.

      The way we treat land and then way we treat people are the same. You cannot exploit and deplete land without doing the same to the people.

  2. Right on! I want to thank the demonstrators for representing me, my first amendment rights, and the interests of everyone who wants safe drinking water, and to live without the constant threat of Fracking Quakes!

    John Kasich is selling out Ohio to the Frackers and Wall Street. We will not be silenced. We will not be bought. We are the people. People power not corporate profits.

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