Call to Action! Rigged Congressional Field Hearing Tomorrow in Steubenville

Mark your calenders for another dog and pony show sponsored by the oil and gas corporations. Tomorrow morning in Steubenville, the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources is holding an “oversight field hearing” on the resplendent virtues of hydraulic fracturing. The field hearing, titled “Natural Gas—America’s New Energy Opportunity: Creating Jobs, Energy and Community Growth”, will feature 11 witnesses “by invitation only.”

If anyone has any question as to the merit or intentions of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, they can peruse the records of contributions that these members of congress have received from the oil and gas industries. Collectively, the 26 members of the subcommittee have received at least $2,999,016 dollars from oil and gas companies. Dan Boren holds the record, with a 10 year history of $328,300 in contributions, and a total of $696,940 in contributions throughout his lengthy political career.

The Subcommittee held a similar hearing in Colorado last August titled “American Jobs and Energy Security: Domestic Oil Shale, the Status of Research, Regulation and Roadblocks.”  The Subcommittee’s clear objective is to pave the way for further deregulation and to swiftly and efficiently strip our rights to safe water.

Unfortunately, dissidents cannot formally testify at the hearing unless invited, but we can attend. OhioFracktion invites you to join us at the hearing to present a three million dollar check to the Subcommittee from the Ohio Association of Water Drinkers. We will be meeting Eastern Gateway Community College in Steubenville at 8:45 am. We hope to see you there.

For those who cannot attend, Public Record will be held open for comment for 10 days after the hearing – meaning they are required to post your comments if you send them and request they be posted to the public record at, or send them by fax to: (202)-225-5255.


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