The frackers will gather once more next week in Columbus, as the Ohio Oil and Gas Association convenes for its winter meeting in Columbus March 14-16.  In the wake of an epidemic of toxic earthquakes, spills, and wellwater contamination, the industry wants us to quiet down as they use our bodies and our land as their toxic dumping-grounds.


We will gather outside the statehouse in Columbus at 11 AM on March 14 at Occupy the Rust Belt’s regional action #1 to rally and stand together in opposition to the gas industry.  Bring your voice, your signs, and your cars for a mid-afternoon convoy from the statehouse following the rally…

Join us via facebook!  Click HERE.

In support Ohio Fracktion is hosting a nonviolent civil disobedience training on Sunday, March 11th (time and location TBA), and Occupy the Rust Belt will also be hosting a fracking workshop and Gasland screening in Columbus the night before the start of the conference.

More information will be posted soon here.  Email with questions or ideas for action.  We will not be silent and we will not be bought!


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