Disgusting: Tell Senator Brown to ‘break up’ with Chesapeake Energy!

We’re shocked and disappointed to learn that Senator Brown wants to sell out his constituents to Chesapeake Energy as they destroy Ohio’s groundwater and community health for short term profits.  Brown is hosting an open house event with these community and environmental criminals.  The Senator is choosing to ignore the fact that his citizens are being poisoned, shaken by earthquakes, and forced to live with flammable tap water thanks to Chesapeake’s desire for short term profits.  And this industry is deadly for workers.  Hazardous cancer causing chemicals, blowouts, and spills are poisonous for workers with little or no protection.  Instead of demanding the industry halt all operation until they disclose the chemicals they use and violations they’ve accrued he’s apparently ok with leaving the bodies of his citizens as polluted dumping grounds.  We need to educate Brown about why this is unacceptable for Ohio.

So call Senator Brown today (202) 224-2315 at his DC Office and let him know that it’s us or them.  He gotta choose or else we’re breaking up with him.   Let him know where you’re from and why you love Ohio, and how fracking is the one of the things that’s ruining where you want to live.  Make sure you tell him about the stories that made you decide to become active on this issue and what his lack of support means for you and your communities’ health.  We need a champion, not another corporate sellout.

Call (202) 224-2315.  Then get your friends to call.  Here’s a sample script:

Hi Senator Brown.  My name is _______ and I live in __________.

 I’m calling today because I’m very disappointed to learn that you’re willing to put Ohio’s safe drinking water and public health at risk by promoting Chesapeak Energy Corporation.  Chesapeake and other shale gas drillers have an endless track record of environmental destruction, polluting aquifers, ruining property values, and doing anything to get rich while leaving us behind to deal with the consequences.  I’m calling to demand that you immediately cancel your appearance with Chesapeake Energy.

This is why I’m against drilling_____________.  This is the story that made me decide to take action _____________.

Instead of acting as their spokesman, we need you to be holding this corporations accountable for their legacy of destruction.  We need you to work to promote the kind of clean SAFE jobs that Ohioans need NOW in wind, solar, and green infrascruture.

Thank you for your time

When you’re done, share this post on http://www.ohiofracktion.com with your friends and have them call senator Brown to let him know their disappointment.  Again the number is (202) 224-231


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