Activists free until pre-trial!

Jonathan, Annie, and Jeremy entered not guilty pleas in Sebring Municipal Court.  They were allowed to remain free awaiting their pre-trial set for sometime in June.  We again want to express our deep gratitude for your generous support and contributions.  We will work hard to build a movement of resistance to hydrofracking and stop BP from turning Ohio into the next Capsian Sea & Gulf Coast disaster.  They lied to our Congress and regulators, now they are lying to Ohioans.

Read the article by Greg Palast on the explosive cover up of another drill rig in the Caspian Sea.


3 activists prepare for court for confronting eco-criminal BP

On Thursday, April 19th, 3 activists will appear in the Mahoning County Court for shutting down a lease signing event orchestrated by Eco-Criminal British Petroleum Corporation.  This comes the day before the 2 year anniversary of their Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which killed 11 workers and spilled 67 million barrels of oil into the Ocean.  Now BP intends to frack 84,000 acres in Ohio if we don’t stop them.  Ohio Fracktion is working to stop them and empower Ohioans.  We need your support.

Annie Lukins, Jonathan Sidney, and Jeremy Bingham face between 60 days and 7 months in jail for disrupting the meeting and throwing a wrench into BP’s plans to acquire 20% of Trumbull County.  Some residents are so worried about BP’s planned invasion that they have chosen to place their houses up for sale.

We are calling on anyone who believes that BP is the real criminal to please DONATE to the legal defense fund for these activists.

We need to raise $1,000 in the next 48 hours to help cover their attorney costs so that we can get back to our work of helping communities organize to protect themselves from the devastating impacts of hydraulic fracturing and eco-criminals like BP.  Donate here.

Thank you so much for your support and please check in during the coming days to see how you can help support Annie, Jonathan, and Jeremy and the work they are doing for Ohio’s safe drinking water.  You can also reach us via email or phone.

UPDATE: 2 of 3 activists held on $3,500 bail SOON TO BE RELEASED

4/16 7pm: Thank you for your support. We were able to post bail on Jonathan and Jeremy, and we believe they will be released today at around 10pm.  Annie was released earlier and has been continuing to organize as she speaks with media.

We are deeply grateful to your support and will make sure it goes to helping communities organize to fight fracking and help activists navigate the legal system designed to reward environmental criminals like BP while incarcerating those fighting for our health and safety.  Stay tuned for more updates.


Donate Online!

Annie Lukins, Jonathan Sidney, and Jeremy Bingham were arrested yesterday during efforts to shut down a BP lease signing meeting.  This action is now being followed by ABC, NBC, FOX, and EcoWatch. Annie has been released without bail, but Jonathan and Jeremy have a combined $3,500 bail fund.  Donate Online to the revolving bail fund.  This will help the continuing work of OhioFracktion

You can see footage from INSIDE the action filmed by Stephen Graves that captures event organizers forcibly laying hands on activists.

Watch WKBN -27 First News’s coverage of the event here or by going to their website

Activists Shut down BP lease signing party: hundreds of acres saved!

April 15th, SALEM, OH.   One week before the second anniversary of the BP Deep Water Horizon explosion that killed 11 workers and spilled over 210,000,000 gallons of oil into gulf of Mexico, Annie Lukins, Jeremy Bingham, and Jonathan Sidney were arrested for shutting down a private BP Lease Signing ‘party’ whose goal was to acquire 84,000 acres in Trumbull County for fracking.   From start to finish only one motorcyle and car entered during the 2 hour protest instead of the 50-100 expected, and the meeting was then shut down early preventing at least hundreds of acres from being leased.   Continue reading

What does change look like?

Do the Math:

Over 60 participants,
with 26 workshops,
over 3 days,
gathered from 3 states,
to build ONE unstoppable movement!



This is the scene from day 2 of Ohio Fracktion’s 3-day action camp.  We’ve been living together and training ourselves to help build the movement against hydrofracking and other extractive industries and use tools for growing out movement and using nonviolence to protect our communities.

And if this is not the largest nonviolence training in Ohio as part of the 99% Spring, then it certainly has the most depth as participants not only learn nonviolence and de-escalation, but specific training on roles for enacting effective direct actions from legal observation to media effectiveness, and other roles all within a context of social justice.

We’ll be using these relationships and skills to protect drinking water in Ohio.  We’ll be using them to coordinate mass actions and coordinate with other groups like RAMPS, and Occupy Wall Street.  And we’ll be using our understanding to further the struggles of other communities fighting tar sands, mountaintop removal, uranium mining, and a whole host of other environmental injustices…

… and if I was a fossil fuel company exploiting our land and people, I’d be getting pretty worried because this is what change looks like.

The British Are Coming! Protesters Greet BP in Trumbull County

*Reminder: sign-up today for this weekend’s anti-fracking action camp!  Click here for information about location and suggested packing list.*

Just two days after Saturday’s “The British Are Coming” march, British Petroleum officials invaded Trumbull County for a country club dinner “meet-and-greet” with local politicians Monday night. At the same time, Trumbull County residents and allies gathered across the street to express their opposition to the proposed fracturing of their home.

Continue reading


The action camp is now only a couple days away, so now is your last call to register online!

You must register to receive an address and directions to the location!  If for whatever reason you do not wish to register, please email or call (216) 586-4890 for address/directions.

For those who do plan to come, here is our suggested packing list: Continue reading

CALL TO ACTION: Takeover the Ohio Statehouse on June 17

*Reminder: sign-up today for this weekend’s anti-fracking action camp!*

Dear friends–

The fracking industry has been causing earthquakes in Ohio. So it’s time we caused one of our own.

No, not a 4.0-on-the-Richter-scale temblor like the one that shook Youngstown on New Year’s Eve. Instead, we need to aim for an 8.0 on the political scale–we need to shake Columbus with the biggest anti-fracking gathering yet seen in the U.S.

Save these dates: June 14-17, in Columbus. The 14-16th will be dedicated to training and movement building, and on the 17th we’ll be taking over the Ohio statehouse for a people’s assembly that will ‘pass’ legislation that Ohioans need to stop this destructive practice. You can sign up here, but we need you to do more–please spread the word to friends and colleagues. And get ready for the caravan that will cross the state in mid-May to raise awareness – we’ll have much more on that front soon. Continue reading