What does change look like?

Do the Math:

Over 60 participants,
with 26 workshops,
over 3 days,
gathered from 3 states,
to build ONE unstoppable movement!



This is the scene from day 2 of Ohio Fracktion’s 3-day action camp.  We’ve been living together and training ourselves to help build the movement against hydrofracking and other extractive industries and use tools for growing out movement and using nonviolence to protect our communities.

And if this is not the largest nonviolence training in Ohio as part of the 99% Spring, then it certainly has the most depth as participants not only learn nonviolence and de-escalation, but specific training on roles for enacting effective direct actions from legal observation to media effectiveness, and other roles all within a context of social justice.

We’ll be using these relationships and skills to protect drinking water in Ohio.  We’ll be using them to coordinate mass actions and coordinate with other groups like RAMPS, 350.org and Occupy Wall Street.  And we’ll be using our understanding to further the struggles of other communities fighting tar sands, mountaintop removal, uranium mining, and a whole host of other environmental injustices…

… and if I was a fossil fuel company exploiting our land and people, I’d be getting pretty worried because this is what change looks like.


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