UPDATE: 2 of 3 activists held on $3,500 bail SOON TO BE RELEASED

4/16 7pm: Thank you for your support. We were able to post bail on Jonathan and Jeremy, and we believe they will be released today at around 10pm.  Annie was released earlier and has been continuing to organize as she speaks with media.

We are deeply grateful to your support and will make sure it goes to helping communities organize to fight fracking and help activists navigate the legal system designed to reward environmental criminals like BP while incarcerating those fighting for our health and safety.  Stay tuned for more updates.


Donate Online!

Annie Lukins, Jonathan Sidney, and Jeremy Bingham were arrested yesterday during efforts to shut down a BP lease signing meeting.  This action is now being followed by ABC, NBC, FOX, and EcoWatch. Annie has been released without bail, but Jonathan and Jeremy have a combined $3,500 bail fund.  Donate Online to the revolving bail fund.  This will help the continuing work of OhioFracktion

You can see footage from INSIDE the action filmed by Stephen Graves that captures event organizers forcibly laying hands on activists.

Watch WKBN -27 First News’s coverage of the event here or by going to their website http://www.wkbn.com


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