Action Alert: Sermon at Vienna Township Injection Well, Saturday May 19th

This Saturday, May 19 at 12:00pm, residents of Trumbull County and surrounding areas will gather at the new injection well in Vienna Township to pay respects to the harmed, the sickened, the dead, and the disappeared: those who have died of cancer, those who are experiencing neurological damage, those who have chronic lesions on their skin, those who have lost the ability to have children, and all those whose water has been poisoned by drilling chemicals or are forced to breathe the toxic airborne byproducts of hydrofracking. Reverend Monica Beasley-Martin of Liberty Township will give a sermon at the Vienna well, and lead residents in prayer for the land. Located just north of the corner of Sodom Hutchins Road and Warren-Sharon Road (old 82), the Vienna well is just one of over 170 injection wells in Ohio receiving toxic fracking wastewater from states including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Texas. This gathering is part of an interstate Day of Direct Action Against Extraction.

As the industry continues its attempt to convince us that injection of untold barrels of carcinogenic materials underground is somehow “safe,” it is taking additional steps to conceal the true cost of fracking to the public. Yesterday, the Ohio State Senate even went so far as to approve industry-backed legislation that would prevent doctors from sharing information about patients’ exposure to hydrofracking chemicals (click here to sign a petition in opposition to this madness).

Five injection wells in the Youngstown area have been shut down in the wake of a dozen earthquakes that were caused by injection at D&L’s Ohio Works Drive Well, including a 4.0 New Year’s Eve tremor. However, the Ohio Division of Natural Resources continues to permit injection wells in order to accommodate the massive amount of waste being generated by environmental terrorists like Chesapeake, Consol Energy, and BP, who recently leased 84,000 acres in Trumbull County for drilling.

Beyond subjecting surrounding communities to water and air pollution, increased truck traffic, and even earthquakes, injection wells are a critical component of fracking operations. Ohio has become the toxic dumping ground for the gas industry because it simply has not found any better way to dispose of their waste. As Consol Energy admitted in a recent S.E.C. statement, “If we…are unable to dispose of the water we use…at a reasonable cost and within applicable environmental rules, our ability to produce gas economically and in commercial quantities could be impaired.” We need to keep working to stop wastewater injection in Ohio not only to defend Ohio’s communities, but to throw a wrench in the gears of the gas industry across the Marcellus and Utica shales.

Directions from Interstate 80: take 11 north to 82 east, and make a left onto Sodom Hutchins road. The well is located on Sodom Hutchins road, just north of Warren-Sharon Road (old 82).


2 thoughts on “Action Alert: Sermon at Vienna Township Injection Well, Saturday May 19th

  1. Did this well cause the harmed, the sickened, the dead, the disapeared?
    Don’t drive your gas hog SUV’s to this freak show.

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