NBC Report Reveals Toxic Inadequacies in “Brine” Disposal

For months, residents have pushed the ODNR to test the brine being disposed of in our communities and parks. Despite innumerable requests, the ODNR has apparently concluded that the best way to protect their paychecks is to continue to accept 20 cents for every barrel of brine shipped in from out of state, and 5 cents from each produced in Ohio, without testing one single barrel of it. Clearly, if they were to publish the same levels of toxic contamination that have been found in “brine” tested in West Virginia, they fear that Ohioans would rally against the hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic waste now being brought in to Ohio for disposal.


Elisa Young, featured in this news story, has requested that you write to ODNR Chief Rick Simmers (Rick.Simmers@dnr.state.oh.us) and Director James Zehringer (James.Zehringer@dnr.state.oh.us), and demand that they take the responsibility to exercise their authority under Section 1509.06 of the Ohio Revised Code and test the brine so Ohioans KNOW what’s in it.

Although we must continue to urge our failed regulatory bodies to protect the residents of Ohio, it is equally important that we take actions ourselves. Friends of Ohio Fracktion recently delivered a brine sample to an independent lab for chemical analysis. The lab has so far not delivered results, but we expect they are soon to come. Clearly, a single test is inadequate to determine the full contents of all “brine” disposed of in Ohio, so we urge all residents to investigate potential sites where brine may be collected for further testing. And if you would like to support Ohio Fracktion’s long term goal to continue testing “brine,” you can donate here.

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