OhioFracktion Used Vegetable Oil Car!


We at OhioFracktion are about to lose our car! The owner of the car that we have been leasing has decided to sell it, rendering us immobile. This situation catalyzed a period of reflection for us about our consumption of gasoline as an act of disastrous complicity with the oil and gas industry. After some research we decided that not only was making the switch to vegetable oil a morally advantageous decision, but also cost effective. The majority of costs that we incur doing this work are for gas.

This is because we drive to actions, community/public meetings/hearings, trainings, networking with ally groups around Ohio and beyond, etc. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to invest in a new vehicle/convert it to UVO, in part because of gas costs that we have thus far been covering out of pocket. This transition would allow us essentially unlimited travel at literally no expense (used vegetable oil is offered for free from many restaurants and most fast-food chains). After doing the conversion we will also be able to help others who are interested convert their own diesel vehicles to UVO.

We have found a diesel vehicle that we can purchase for $1,800 and have determined the cost of conversion to be right around $2,000 (it’s hard to be exact here, different vehicles require different parts). If you believe in the work that we do (which requires us to be mobile) and you are in a position to donate, please do, it will allow us to continue to play our part in the fight against Ohio fracking. Thank you!


Madeline says NO to fracking injection

As reported on EcoWatch.org this morning, Athens, OH resident Madeline ffitch chained her body to cement filled barrels to prevent the injection of highly toxic wastewater entering her community.  While government agencies like the Ohio Department of Natural Resources continue to refuse to test what chemicals are in this brine, Madeline’s actions are part of a growing movement of people taking direct action to protect their communities and assert their rights to safe clean water.  You can contact organizers in Athens at  740 856 9388, testfrackwaste@gmail.com 

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Join Us for the July Action Camp!

On June 17th hundreds of Ohioans took over the statehouse to pledge resistance against the gas industry and pass legislation banning hydrofracking, sending a clear message to our state government that Ohioans demand protection from the dangers of fracking.  But our politicians and regulators have been bought, and if we want the legislation we passed to have any impact for our communities and our land we will have to enforce it with our bodies, with our courage, and with our actions.


In this spirit, Ohio Fracktion is hosting another anti-fracking action camp during the second weekend (13th-15th) of July at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Youngstown.  Like the action camp held in April, we hope this event will further coalition building for people organizing against fracking across Ohio, equip fracking impacted residents with the tools needed to bring nonviolent direct action into local struggles against fracking,  and help bridge the gap between Ohio fracktivists and our friends in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  There will be workshops on a broad variety of topics geared towards widening and deepening our understanding of the industry and ways to protect our communities from it.  You can register online here(please register by July 4th for guaranteed housing).

Action Alert: Sermon at Well Construction Site in Coitsville

Join us in Coitsville, OH this Sunday at 6:30 P.M. in solidarity with residents from Coitsville and beyond who have already seen the destructive impacts of fracking to say NO to more frack wells, poisoned water, and contaminated air.  Following last month’s injection well sermon led by Reverend Monica Beasley-Martin, residents will again join together in prayer outside the construction site for a vertical frack well slated to be drilled soon in Coitsville.   People of all faiths (or no faith) are encouraged to attend.  Continue reading

Fracking and the Global Movement Against Extractive Industries

As a crowd of Ohioans gathered at a newly constructed injection well last Saturday, Pennsylvan- ians in Lycoming County were putting their bodies on the line to prevent a drill rig from entering a frack site.  Two days later, constituents occupied the office of Brian Ellis, sponsor of the controversial legislation undermining local authority to regulate gas drilling in Pennsylvania.  The day after, over 100 residents from Athens and surrounding areas rallied to oppose fracking in Wayne National Forest.  And yesterday, activists from Mountain Justice and RAMPS blockaded coal transportation on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia.  It is clear that residents across Ohio, Appalachia, and the northeast are increasingly moving towards direct action in response to the devastation of practices like fracking and mountaintop removal coal mining, as every day it becomes clearer that our so-called “representatives” will not protect us.  As momentum builds towards a summer of robust anti-extractive action regionally, we at Ohiofracktion take this opportunity to reflect on the global impacts of extractive industries, not just in Ohio, but all over the world. Continue reading

Join Ohio in Columbus! Don’t Frack Ohio Rally

Trainings and workshops have started as Ohio prepares for the largest anti-fracking rally do date!  Join us on June 17th to send the message that there can be no drilling for methane as part of a livable future.  Our water, families, and future are on the line.

 Please register for our event and read from the invitation at www.dontfrackohio.org/invitation/

schedule, housing board/rideshares, directions for training & rally

Dear friends–

The fracking industry has been causing earthquakes in Ohio. So it’s time we caused one of our own.

No, not a 4.0-on-the-Richter-scale temblor like the one that shook Youngstown on New Year’s Eve. Instead, we need to aim for an 8.0 on the political scale–we need to shake Columbus with the biggest anti-fracking gathering yet seen in the U.S.

Save these dates: June 14-17, in Columbus. The 14-16th will be dedicated to training and movement building, and on the 17th we’ll be taking over the Ohio statehouse for a people’s assembly that will ‘pass’ legislation that Ohioans need to stop this destructive practice. You can sign up here, but we need you to do more–please spread the word to friends and colleagues. And get ready for the caravan that will cross the state in mid-May to raise awareness – we’ll have much more on that front soon….

“Help us keep the River in Riverdale”: Day of Action for Riverdale, Monday, June 4

From the campaign to Save the Riverdale Mobile Home Park.  Come join the encampment!

*Please forward widely to media contacts*

For Immediate Release: June 2, 2012
Contact: savermhc@gmail.com; Alex Lotorto: 570-269-9589alotorto@gmail.com; Deb Eck (Resident): 570-772-3335; Kelly Finan: 570-877-2417Kelly@kellyfinan.com

“Help Us Keep the River in Riverdale”: International Day of Solidarity with the Riverdale Community on Monday, June 4

Riverdale residents and supporters are calling for an international day of solidarity action in support of the Riverdale community this Monday, June 4.  As relocation resister Deb Eck has put it, you are invited to come down and “help us keep the River in Riverdale.” Continue reading

BREAKING: Riverdale Residents Blockade Aqua America Construction Road

From the campaign to Save the Riverdale Mobile Home Park.  Come join the encampment!


For Immediate Release: June 1, 2012
Contact: saveriverdale@gmail.com; Alex Lotorto: 570-269-9589alotorto@gmail.com; Deb Eck (Resident): 570-772-3335; Kelly Finan: 570-877-2417Kelly@kellyfinan.com

Riverdale Residents Blockade Aqua America Construction Road

Piatt Township, PA – Riverdale residents and supporters have blockaded access to a mobile home community that is facing imminent displacement at the hands of Aqua America, a major water withdrawal company that supplies natural gas drillers in the Marcellus Shale region. Continue reading