OhioFracktion Used Vegetable Oil Car!


We at OhioFracktion are about to lose our car! The owner of the car that we have been leasing has decided to sell it, rendering us immobile. This situation catalyzed a period of reflection for us about our consumption of gasoline as an act of disastrous complicity with the oil and gas industry. After some research we decided that not only was making the switch to vegetable oil a morally advantageous decision, but also cost effective. The majority of costs that we incur doing this work are for gas.

This is because we drive to actions, community/public meetings/hearings, trainings, networking with ally groups around Ohio and beyond, etc. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to invest in a new vehicle/convert it to UVO, in part because of gas costs that we have thus far been covering out of pocket. This transition would allow us essentially unlimited travel at literally no expense (used vegetable oil is offered for free from many restaurants and most fast-food chains). After doing the conversion we will also be able to help others who are interested convert their own diesel vehicles to UVO.

We have found a diesel vehicle that we can purchase for $1,800 and have determined the cost of conversion to be right around $2,000 (it’s hard to be exact here, different vehicles require different parts). If you believe in the work that we do (which requires us to be mobile) and you are in a position to donate, please do, it will allow us to continue to play our part in the fight against Ohio fracking. Thank you!


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