ODNR Still Refusing to Test Frack Waste; Take Action Now!

Thank you to all who participated in Tuesday’s day of action targeting Ohio’s Division of Natural Resources.  Thanks to you, we have documentation proving that ODNR officials have received at least 36 emails and 40 calls requesting that they fulfill their obligation to the health and safety of Ohioans and begin to test the fracking waste that is being injected into 172 wells across Ohio.

Last Monday, a group of dedicated residents called further attention to the injection of untested fracking waste by blockading a fracking wastewater injection well in Vienna Township, just weeks after a similar injection well shutdown in Athens County.  Monday’s action was covered by Democracy Now!, EcoWatch, and channel 27 news, among other local and national news outlets.

For those of you who want to help keep the pressure up, here are some next steps you can take:

  • Send follow-up emails and make follow-up calls to ODNR until they have either agreed to test frack waste or admit that they will not do so.  Trying to communicate with ODNR can be very frustrating — even state representatives sometimes are ignored — but your continued involvement will send the message to ODNR that Ohioans are paying attention and will hold them accountable for their inaction.  If ODNR does not respond to you, please contact your representative, senator, or other local public officials and ask them to contact ODNR on your behalf with a request for testing.  Please email a record of all additional correspondence with ODNR to odnrfracktesting@gmail.com, and ask public officials who contact ODNR to do so as well.
  • Tell your friends and allies to contact ODNR with requests for frack waste testing via phone or email if they haven’t already, and to email a record of their correspondence to odnrfracktesting@gmail.com.  Contact information for ODNR, as well as a sample email, is available here.
  • Sign a petition demanding that the EPA classify fracking waste as hazardous — click here.
  • Shut down a toxic injection well in your community!  For more information, including tips on effective blockade strategy, click here.

Widespread, grassroots pressure upon ODNR is a critical step in taking the fight to ending frack waste injection to the next level.  We appreciate any additional suggestions or ideas for other actions that can be taken — please email ohiofracktion@gmail.com with your thoughts.


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