Athens County Residents in front of Ginsburg Well: SHUT IT DOWN!

Re-posted from Appalachia Resist!

11:00 AM, Monday, November 19th, 2012

A group of Athens County residents wearing hazmat style suits and respirators gathered in front of the Hazel Ginsburg Well frack-waste injection well on Ladd Ridge Road.  They demanded that the ODNR shut the well down.   The protesters held banners that read “Shut it Down, No New Permits”, “ODNR, You Have the Facts, Shut this Toxic Well Down” “Our Safety is Not for Sale”, and “Clean Drinking Water is a Human Right”. Many of the signs were emblazoned with the symbol for radioactivity.  The protest was also in solidarity with those who today are blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas.

When police arrived and asked protesters to disperse, they did so.  There were no arrests.

Athens County residents have been calling for the Ginsburg Well to be shut down for nearly a year, ever since the ODNR’s own records surfaced, which showed that the well has been in nearly continuous violation since the 1980’s, with the ODNR never enforcing their own numerous “plug and abandon” orders.  This has become of particular concern now that Ohio accepts out-of-state fracking waste by the millions of gallons.  This fall the USGS showed that this waste has radioactivity levels 300 times higher than the federal legal limit for industrial waste.  Teresa Mills of the Buckeye Forest Council has called the Ginsburg Well “the worst well in the state of Ohio” in terms of violations.

This week, the ODNR granted permits for 4 new injection wells in Athens County.  Why should they grant new permits, when they cannot regulate the wells already in operation?

The ODNR is continuing to ignore requests for public hearings on injection well permits, even though 100 citizens have written letters requesting such hearings.  The ODNR even ignores the County Commmissioners.  This is against the law.

The ODNR continues to try to dismiss residents’ concerns, saying that there has been no evidence of water contamination. We say that the ODNR does not test creek, well, spring water or drinking water around injection well sites. The ODNR  has stated that they see no need to test water until contamination has already occurred.  We say that the ODNR is not an emergency response agency.  Its job is not to swoop in after a disaster has occurred, but to protect Ohioans and prevent such disasters from occurring in the first place.

When it comes to injection wells, Ohioans have nothing to gain and everything to lose. The risk is high, the benefits are zero.  This is yet another way that extractive industries exploit rural communities.




5 thoughts on “Athens County Residents in front of Ginsburg Well: SHUT IT DOWN!

  1. For Press Inquiries, Contact Appalachia Resist! 740 591 2693/
    We would like to clarify and correct some items from our earlier press release:

    We stated that fracking waste disposal is not permitted in Pennsylvania. To be more specific, the EPA’s restrictions of frack-waste disposal in PA makes it prohibitive for them to dump it there. Rather, they send it to Ohio where injection wells are regulated by the ODNR, a captured agency.

    We stated that if residents express concerns about injection wells, the law requires a public hearing, and that the ODNR is breaking the law by refusing to grant such a hearing regarding the proposed Atha Well. To be more accurate, it is up to the discretion of the ODNR’s Bob Zehringer to decide whether or not residents’ concerns are valid. 100 people sent in letters to the ODNR, expressing detailed concern about health, safety, and conservation practices, and the Athens County Commissioners sent letters of their own. These were more letters than the ODNR has received on any other single issue. Yet our concerns have been characterized by the ODNR as “irrelevant”. In this case, this agency may technically be within the law, but they are acting outside the bounds of professional ethics. Simply put, they are not doing their job.

    • Fracking waste is disposed of in PA. I haul it there on a regular basis. Maybe instead of protesting a brine water location, one should really look into the landfills in our area. There are things dumped there that can kill a person

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