Anti-Frack Microgrants! Apply Now!

Grassroots anti-fracking activists from Ohio: you are encouraged to apply for microgrants of up to $500 to help support your work!


  1. Microgrant money is available to volunteer, non-professional activists only. Paid organizers need not apply.
  2. Microgrant money is reserved for low- and no-income activists who are spending their own personal money to further anti-fracking activities at significant financial burden to themselves. “Low-income” and “significant financial burden” have no set definitions and will depend on your particular circumstances. For example, if you are earning $40,000 annually and living alone, spending $200 of personal money on an anti-fracking project probably does not count as a significant financial burden; if you are earning $40,000 annually and raising three children without financial assistance from a spouse, it probably does. We will not ask you to explain or prove your financial situation, but we are trusting potential applicants to exercise their own judgment in determining whether to apply. Remember that funds are limited and that they are being made available to empower those who would otherwise be financially excluded from engaging in community anti-fracking action.
  3. Only apply for microgrant money if there are no alternative funding sources for your project(s) readily available. If you have access to financial support from sources such as larger non-profits or universities, please leave this fund accessible to those who do not.
  4. Applicants must commit to providing receipts for all purchases made with microgrant money. All unaccounted for expenditures will be taxed, leaving the microgrant fund with less money to assist other hard-working anti-frackers.
  5. Microgrant money is available for a wide range of activities including but not limited to:
  • water and/or air quality monitoring projects
  • copy costs for literature and/or documents concerning fracking
  • hosting community anti-fracking events
  • legal fees resulting from anti-fracking protests
  • transportation expenses to and from anti-fracking community events, regulatory agencies, fracking sites, etc.
  1. While microgrant money is primarily reserved for anti-frackers in Ohio, applicants from the surrounding region who are opposing hydrofracking and/or similar environmental practices may be considered on a case-by-case basis if funding is available.

To apply: Please email with your request. We will prioritize granting requests of up to $200, though you may apply for more if you wish. In your applications, be sure to include:

  • the purpose and significance of the project(s) and/or activities for which you seek funding
  • why you consider yourself eligible for this grant
  • other funding sources you have pursued
  • a detailed budget outlining your anticipated and/or past expenses for which you are seeking reimbursement
  • whether you can commit to providing receipts for all microgrant expenses

Please keep your requests under three pages at most – you won’t be penalized for submitting a very short but complete application, one page or less is fine if you include everything we need to know. You can apply as many times as you wish, though first-time applicants will be prioritized. We will do our best to quickly review applications, and microgrants will be distributed on a rolling basis. Email with any questions.