Ohio Fracktion: Where We Stand Today

Ohio Fracktion was created as one of the first cries of alarm and lines of resistance to the increasing activity of the fracking industry in Northeast Ohio. In 2011 we were facing evidence of destruction on countless fronts from poisoned groundwater to explosions and earthquakes, and we had no illusions about the obstruction and the complicity of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It was painfully obvious that the Fracking Industry was destructive on every level: taking advantage of fleeting corporate gains with no regard for the people who live in our state. We were witnessing an extraction practice so destructive that it could never be done safely and saw that the industry clearly had more interest in making money than protecting the safety of residents, workers and the land.

Appalachia Resist

Appalachia Resist! shuts down injection well using nonviolent direct action

In response we launched Ohio Fracktion as a Non-Violent Direct Action Campaign to take back control from the industry and demand our rights to clean water and democratic control. We kicked off our public début with a blockade of an injection well that was causing earthquakes in Youngstown. That campaign ended with the closure of 5 toxic injection wells in the area and launched our work resisting harmful fracking infrastructure across the state. This was one of the first of many arrestable acts of nonviolent direct action to resist the fracking industry, and a new tactic of Nonviolent Direct Action became a more visible part of the movement.

It has been with tremendous satisfaction that we have stood alongside many others within the anti-fracking movement as it grows stronger and bolder. We have watched the ideas and values that form the core of Ohio Fracktion spread and amplify across channels of community resistance.

Ohio Fracktion has changed its role within the movement over the previous year (which would explain our lack of posts for a while). The courage, creativity, and skills that we’ve worked to cultivate in Ohio Fracktion have moved all of us to different parts of the work against the oil and gas industry.

action campPanel

We began doing more action camps and trainings and more work to support others creating their own campaigns of strategic and soul-full nonviolence. Today some core members have returned to finish school, some of us have become even more active in other struggles against extractive industries with such groups as Tar Sands Resistance, Marcellus Earth First, and many other groups. And a bunch of us are still around causing trouble in Ohio, not to worry.

Debrief circleOur current work includes training & facilitation, direct action support, and a micro-grant program to get funds to the front-line activists incredible work to resist the industry.

We still believe in the fundamental right of each community to decide what impacts them, and Ohio Fracktion still works to actively support those choices by offering resources to help improve their efficiency and organizational capacity.  We’re eager to help you in the struggle for mutual liberation and a liveable future.

Resources we offer:

  • Micro-grants for work and activists on the front-line of the struggle against fracking.
  • Waging Nonviolence: aka making Beautiful Trouble
  • Action Support
  • Organizational trainings
  • Creative Facilitation
  • Building Coalitions
  • More

Please contact us for more information.


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