Ohio Fracktion is a network of individuals interested in supporting community battles against fracking in Ohio.  We hope to provide logistical and infrastructural support to individuals and communities who seek to take direct action against the major violations, blowoutsspills, air pollution, water pollution, earthquakes, economic devastation, and other environmental and social consequences that result from this absurd form of gas extraction.  We are available to provide organizing and action workshops and document the effects of fracking on those who are impacted.

Members of Ohio Fracktion have blockaded fracking wastewater trucks, helped disrupt governor John Kasich, infiltrated energy conferences, mic-checked a rigged congressional hearing on fracking, been arrested attempting to present resident concerns to the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, marched against the upcoming British invasion of Ohio, and more.  We are partnering with 350.org to host an anti-fracking action camp in Cleveland April 13-15, which we hope will help to jumpstart a spring of robust resistance to the fracturing of Ohio!

If you would like to work with us or support the direct action efforts that have already been undertaken, please email ohiofracktion@gmail.com.


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  1. Where do things stand in regards to fracking here in Ohio?? How many wells have been dug thus far and where and when do they want to really ramp this up?? I know that most of the wells will be in the southern and eastern parts of the state but apparently there are plans to have some such wells in parts of Greene County here in SW county. Are we going to see some wells dug here in the SW part of the state too, just not on the scale projected for southern and eastern Ohio?

    • My sister owns a farm very near the Green county line. She has had issues with her well water recently and has heard there is something going on in Green county. What do you know?

    • Thank you. This is a great resource and I’m so glad you’ve made this information well organized and available. Our website is under development and you have some great models for helping folks find out where they can get help and get involved.

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