Your support will help us continue/expand the breadth and availability of trainings, moratorium development workshops, community organizing/networking, direct actions, etc.

Although you can donate to our general fund, you can also specify on your WEPAY donation that you would like your money to a specific cause. You can choose from the following:


One of our central missions as an organization is to facilitate and enable non-violent direct action against fracking.  Direct action often bears a significant financial risk. As an organization, we aim to provide financial support to those who wish to engage in arrestable direct action, and yet do not neccessarily have the means to post bail, should they be arrested.

The seven individuals who blockaded the entrance to a Youngstown fracking wastewater injection site responsible for causing seven earthquakes were released after posting a combined $4350 bond (plus almost $500 in processing fees). With help from generous friends and organizations, the seven were able to post bail. Although we did scrape together the bail, we wish to establish a permanent bail fund, so that if another arrest occurs, the money will be right on hand.

Remember that bond is returned after completion of the court process, so your donation will support not only those individuals who put up large amounts of their own resources to get themselves out of jail for their actions, but will also enable other individuals to take direct action against fracking in the future.


Much of the work we do as Ohiofracktion requires that we put fuel in our tank, and drive long distances across Ohio. This allows us to engage a much larger network of groups, but it also makes gas money our greatest expense aside from bail. Without your support, the gas money comes straight out of our pockets.


Seeking in-kind donations or money to purchase:

  • Geiger counter (for radiation testing)
  • Water-testing equipment
  • Smartphone with internet (for livestreaming community events, protests, etc. and GPS tracking of frack and injection well sites)

If you would like to donate, you can do so online here.

Or, if you would prefer to send a check by mail, you can contact us

Target: $5,000

Please consider donating! Even 10 dollars makes a difference.

Thank You!


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