Fracking Bans- you can too!

So if you’re at this page chances are that you’re already well aware of the disasters of fracking and may even be seeing it first-hand.  In that case you lready know far too well why Regulations Can’t Protect You!  Instead our only legal option is to ban the practice altogether in first our communities, then pass moratoriums leading to bans in our states, and act in solidarity with others local, state, and national.

Here are some examples of laws that folks have  passed ranging from citizens’ rights based to simple laws restricting only the specific practice.  At the end you’ll find some online organizing toolkits for how to get started in your community!

Read a full list of bans across the country, with the full legal language of each!

Rights based local laws

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Pittsburgh’s Community Protection from Natural Gas Drilling Ordinance

Bans and ordinances

Partial list of Bans and Moratoria


Ohio- Support the Fracking Moratorium Bills

National- National Ban on Fracking

ORGANIZE in your town!  It’s the only way.

Toolkits and resources for banning fracking!

Ohio’s community organizing toolkit

Ban Fracking ToolkitFood&WaterWatch


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