Summer Action Camp!

Fracking Action Camp July 13-15 / Day of Action July 16

WHERE: Youngstown, OH

WHEN: July 13-15 and July 16 Day of Action

WHAT: First of all thank all of you who came to the action camp in April and made it such a resounding success.  We’ve received so much positive feedback, it’s wonderful that we all had that opportunity to network and skill share for the anti-fracking movement in Ohio and nationally.  This next action camp will feature many more helpful trainings as well as many of the same workshops from the last action camp for those who missed it.  This time we will be gathering for four days with fracking activists from across Ohio and beyond attending workshops, meeting allies, making music, and networking.  The natural gas industry is moving in on Ohio, but we still have a chance to halt broad development.

The action camp aims to provide support and tangible resources to those deeply involved in the movement, while also providing a useful introduction  for those who want to become involved now.

Meals will be provided. Please specify in your registration if you have any special dietary needs.

Space will be provided for those who would like to stay overnight. Guests should bring a sleeping bag and pad. We have some tents and blankets to loan out but not many! Please consider bringing your own!


  •  Fracking 101
  •  History of Fracking
  •  Nonviolent Direct Action
  •  Blockades
  •  Action Media
  •  Police/Worker Liaison
  •  Jail Support/Legal Observation
  •  Injection Wells
  •  Moratorium Building
  •  Water-testing Training
  •  Navigating the O.D.N.R.
  • Community Watch-dogging
  • More TBA (if you have an idea for a workshop or would like to lead one yourself, email

See the full schedule here.



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