Anti-Fracking Action Camp July 13-15th

Our second anti-fracking action camp will be taking place July 13th-15th at the First Unitarian Universalist’s Church of Youngstown! Like the action camp held in April, the goal of this three-day event is to equip fracking impacted citizens with the tools needed to bring non-violent direct action into local struggles against fracking and to facilitate coalition building for people organizing against fracking across Ohio and other affected areas. There will also be workshops in a broad variety of topics geared towards widening and deepening our understanding of the industry and ways to protect our communities.

Last Sunday, a thousand Ohioans took over the statehouse to pass legislation banning hydrofracking.  But our politicians and regulators have been bought, and if we want this legislation to have any impact for our communities and our land we will have to enforce it with our bodies, with our courage, and with our actions.  Join us in Youngstown as we build the movement to enforce the People’s Legislation against fracking!


Now-July 4th: Registration for the action camp. It is very important for those who plan to attend to register so that we can anticipate housing and food needs.  We are asking for $20-25 at registration to cover rent and food. However nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. You can either donate online, or send us an email and we will give you our mail address.

July 13th-15th: Action Camp!
Workshops will be held all day at the First Unitarian Universalist’s Church of Youngstown. We are excited to bring back a few of the same trainings featured at the last camp while also adding a serious medic training and a more technically focused blockades training, among other additions.

Workshops will include:

  • Community Organizing
  • Water Testing 101
  • Tracing the Ties Between Energy Legislation and Money in Politics
  • Nonviolent Direct Action
  • Blockades
  • Legal Observation
  • Police Liaison
  • Media (individual hour-long sessions on traditional media, messaging, & social media)
  • Medic Training (8 hr extensive training)
  • Know-your-rights
  • Prison Industrial Complex
  • Building urban/rural solidarity
  • Community Watch-dogging

The action camp aims to provide support and tangible resources to those deeply involved in the movement, while also providing a useful introduction  for those who want to become involved now.

We welcome people to arrive Friday morning, but please Sign-up if you plan to attend any of our workshops throughout the weekend.  Dinner will be provided. Vegan and vegetarian options will always be available. Please make sure to register online so we know how many folks to cook for! If you have additional dietary restrictions or would like to bring your own food you are welcome to of course – just let us know when you register please!


A finalized schedule will be available soon here and detailed workshop information will be found here.

July 16th: Day of Action

In June, 1000 residents converged in Columbus and passed the people’s legislation to ban fracking. But our State and regulators are in the pocket of the industry, so we must enforce the legislation with our bodies, courage and actions. As the culmination of the action camp, we will come together for a day of action. More details will be soon to come. We invite you to attend the action even if you cannot attend the action camp. Go to our action page for more information.


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